Buycraft partial outages over Black Friday

Last night we had some issues with the site which we'd like to update everyone on. We had very high amounts of traffic because of the Black Friday sales. This has given us some issues over the past few days which our team have been working on. We've had to »

It's Black Friday tomorrow!

It's Black Friday tomorrow and it's one of the biggest sales events of the year. In 2015 Black Friday generated $4.45 billion across industries and over half of this was in e-commerce sales. Over the past 5 years there has been an average 20% increase in that revenue each »

The updates to your statistics

Yesterday we released a few updates to our statistics section, most of them little bug fixes, but we also released a much requested Overview section. You’ll be able to see the awesome updates as the first thing when you open the statistics page. The all-time, year, month and daily »

Feedback on the new control panel

If you have been around for the past month or so you will have seen the changes to our new control panel which we have now completely phased in. Earlier in the year, we were looking at what we wanted to do going forward with Buycraft and realised that we »

A new addition to the team!

As some of you know, at Buycraft HQ we have been expanding our team with a big focus on developers so that we can continue to deliver a great product and service… but hopefully much faster from now on! We’d like to welcome Liam to the Buycraft team as »

The New Control Panel - It's finally here!

Since the beginning of the year we've been working on a new control panel, and we're finally happy to announce the public beta. Our aim with this has been to create a better experience for our store owners. We started from the ground up using a new framework, recreating all »

What kind of server hosting should I choose?

Minecraft can be a confusing game to navigate, and hosting is no exception. There are a variety of hosting solutions for Minecraft servers available, and they can be difficult to compare. In this article, we will discuss the various types of hosting available and how they fit in the larger »

Tux Tux

How to suggest EULA compliant features

Mojang’s enforcement of their EULA is now coming into play and we have been reading the responses from the Minecraft server community. We want to show you that the EULA enforcement is not the end of Minecraft servers, though we will have to start changing the way that servers »

Why do you need Two-Factor Authentication?

At Buycraft we are very security conscious and are always looking to make sure that you have access to the best account security out there. We’ve had the option to enable Two-Factor Authentication on your Buycraft account and team account for a long time now as it is proven »

Important changes required if using a custom template

If you are using a custom template on your webstore you must make some changes due to a Javascript file hosted by Google no longer being available. The Javascript file causes the checkout pages to hang on both the default Classic and Flat templates. To fix this issue please remove »