Feature Spotlight: Email templates

Today we have released a long requested feature, email template editing. You can now customise and brand your email receipt and Gift card emails for your customers from your template editor. The layout page will allow you to change the base design of the emails including colours, logo and spacing »

Feature Spotlight: Package Gifting and Referral links

Today we have two features which we are hoping will have a big impact on everyone based on the feedback we have been getting about them. Package gifting Since the beginning of Buycraft players have been buying packages for each other but now we support a gifting option for all »

Feature Spotlight: Plugin updates and Pocket edition

This month will mark one year since we first released BuycraftX. We released our first beta in February 2016 and went to a full release on March 28, 2016. At Buycraft, we have a strong commitment to providing our customers with the tools that you need to effectively monetise your »

Feature Spotlight: AB Testing and Manual Payment API

Today we're excited to release two major features which we've been working on this week. Package AB testing As any experienced store owner knows there are a lot of improvements which you can make to your store and often it can be the smallest things that make the biggest difference. »

Buycraft University: Starting a server

This week we have looked at the building blocks for starting a server. The biggest part of running a server is an enjoyment of the games and creativity, both of which are key if you want to create a successful server. The beginning can be the most daunting part but »

Support over the Christmas weekend

Christmas is one of the busiest times of year for store owners and it is the same for our support channels. As a result of the higher number of support requests, there may be some delay in the response times. However, the team will be working as hard as possible »