Explaining the recent changes to the Ultimate Plan

We recently introduced a change to how the Ultimate Plan works and some customers have expressed concern at these changes which we'd like to address. I want to take some time to answer your feedback and explain why we have made these changes. How do the grandfathered plans work and »

AWS Migration & PayPal Express Checkout

We're happy to announce that earlier today we completed our migration back to AWS. As we said in our previous article, we're confident that the infrastructure, expertise and support that we receive from AWS means that we can ensure the high availability and stability that our customers rightly demand. Ongoing »

Regarding the recent downtime - we're aware, and we're sorry

Over the last month, the Buycraft platform has experienced several days of unreliability. Since we started Buycraft one of our main priorities has been the performance of the website. Unfortunately, the last few weeks have been unacceptable. We know this and we cannot apologise for this enough. We've been working »

The New Control Panel - It's finally here!

Since the beginning of the year we've been working on a new control panel, and we're finally happy to announce the public beta. Our aim with this has been to create a better experience for our store owners. We started from the ground up using a new framework, recreating all »

Important changes required if using a custom template

If you are using a custom template on your webstore you must make some changes due to a Javascript file hosted by Google no longer being available. The Javascript file causes the checkout pages to hang on both the default Classic and Flat templates. To fix this issue please remove »

BungeeCord plugin BETA now available to download

We're happy to announce that the BETA of the new BungeeCord plugin is now available to download and use. The plugin is designed to execute BungeeCord related commands and does not have other features implemented such as the package inventory GUI. We're excited to see the feedback of this new »